Abuse Photos


One Response to “Abuse Photos”

  1. Vicki Schwieterman Says:

    The pictures are horrible.

    I recently removed my horse from a trainer who was to break him to ride. He had been there for 43 days, was to be worked for 6 days and off 1 day. I was told he was ridden 2 times. During this period I figure he had been worked 34 times on the lunge line and 2 times ridden (April 2 to May 15). On May 15 I found him saddled and not able to move. I removed the saddle and and found that the rope girth, metal ring and even the leather strap tied to the metal ring had dug into his skin approximately an inch. The sores were oozing puss and they had granulation. My veterinarian estimates he had been saddled tightly for 2-3 days. He was swollen in front of the cinch and behind, the barrel. It took him 2 months to heal the wounds, but he is still slightly swollen and the girth area has scar tissue across it entirely. (Before I took him to be broken to ride, I had been driving him to cart for 2 years, he is now 4 years old). He was a 14.1 HH and measured 1250 lbs. When I brought him home he measured 14 HH and 925 lbs. Losing 1 inch in height and 325 lbs.. the trainer claims he used standard training methods and had chafing from it, he claimed the weight loss was due to him being overly fat. The Sheriffs Dept said there was not enough evidence, even with the pictures and Veterinarian report, the Humane Society will do nothing. The Indiana Horse Council will do nothing, the Indiana Board of Health will do nothing, the Attorney General will do nothing, there is no law in Morgan County Indiana against Horse Abuse, and will not do anything unless the horse is dead or near death. so, reporting it had not affect, they just tell me – file a civil suit. But that does not stop him from doing this to another horse

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