Rodeo Abuse

Both the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), the largest rodeo-sanctioning organization in the world, and the International Pro Rodeo Association (IPRA), have come down unequivocally as pro-horse slaughter.

This really should come as no surprise to anyone who knows the real motive behind the rodeo industry. Not “American values” or “cowboy heritage” or “the spirit of the west”–just profit. And what the rodeo industry wants is a way to make every last dime from all the horses they shock, beat, drag, and buck. Once these rodeo horses are “used up” or injured, many are trucked straight to the slaughterhouse.

On the PRCA’s website, in their section ironically titled “PRCA Animal Welfare News”, this rodeo goliath has repeatedly urged their supporters to contact their Congresspersons and express opposition to the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

The below article was written by the person who calls herself the “Animal Issues Coordinator” for the International Pro Rodeo Association (IPRA).

What this title means is that Ms. Lehrke attempts to stop progressive efforts on behalf of animals,

especially those victimized by the Rodeo Mafia. This time Ms. Lehrke was to dissuade legislators from doing the right thing for horses. Why? Because rodeo thugs use, abuse and discard untold numbers of horses after they can no longer buck enough to put on a show.

Where do many of these horses go? To slaughter. The rodeo people can make a few more bucks off their misery, and that’s exactly what you can expect them to do — make every penny possible, no matter what the cost to the victim.

It is particularly comical (in a disgusting way) that Lehrke wants to keep Congress from considering important animal issues, when she and every other rodeo supporter wants Congress to declare a “Day of the Cowboy” — an utterly useless piece of garbage legislation designed to help the Rodeo Mafia ferret out more corporate and government contributions to their already burgeoning welfare roles. These people are such mopes!

In addition to urging rodeo supporters to write their Congressperson to favor horse slaughter, using an appallingly patronizing form letter (read it for yourself below), the IPRA’s “Animal Issues Coordinator” chooses not only to ignore the facts but to insult Rep. Sweeney’s awareness of them. To wit, the multitude of national polls have repeatedly shown that anywhere between 69% and 93% of Americans are opposed to slaughtering horses for food. Even the lowest percentage in these polls is still a large majority. Why does Ms. Lehrke persist in disseminating untruths? That’s just the way of those in the rodeo industry.

SHARK hopes those who care about horses will remember who it is that not only helps to supply horse slaughterhouses, but then makes every attempt to stand in the way of improving their lives — the Rodeo Mafia.


One Response to “Rodeo Abuse”

  1. Bibi Edwards Says:

    I’ve just seen a video of the rodeo.
    The people who run the rodeo show are pure hooligans and thugs. How they can ever expect anybody to respect them for such a lowly lifestyle defeats me. They are not fit to be called humans. If I could send them to HELL I would. The Law must be withheld or the rodeo managers and staff should go to gaol for at least 10 years for the cruelty I’ve just seen. The profit they’ve made should be confiscated. America please close down every rodeo in USA because you obviously can’t control the law. Thank you.

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